Frontpage Builder: Setting up your website homepage

Inertia provides an easy to use and fast frontpage builder with only few clicks. With more than 25 pre designed sections, you can just activate the sections you want, control sections arrangement with simple drag and drop and voila!

To customize frontpage in Inertia theme, Follow the following steps:

  1. From Admin Dashboard, click on Inertia -> Theme Options
  2. Click on Frontpage panel

  3. By default, your homepage will show the latest posts sections. To start customizing sections click on Frontpage Builder Panel

  4. Frontpage Layout Builder is the panel that controls sections visibility and its order.

    1. To enable/disable any section visibility, just click on the "eye" icon.

    2. To change sections arrangement, just drag & drop the section to any position you want.

Customizing frontpage sections

When you activate the selected sections and feel fine about its arrangement. Click back arrow to view activated sections.

You will find dedicated panels for each activated section. Click on each one to start customizing colors, backgrounds, layouts and a curated set of options per section.