1. Getting Started: How to install Devnode theme

2. Devnode - Changelog

3. Activate Dark Mode

4. Theme Demos: How to import pre-built websites?

5. Speed & Performance Optimization

1. Getting Started: How to install Devnode theme

Thanks for Purchasing Devnode!
Please follow these simple steps to get started with your amazing website.

Step 1 - Download theme files from themeforest

After purchasing theme through themeforest, you need to download theme files from your themeforest account.

It should be a compressed file (.zip) format. Uncompress the downloaded file and you should find the following files:

Step 2 - Theme Setup

There are three ways you can install a WordPress theme:

  1. RECOMMENDED: Install a Theme by using the Upload Method from WordPress Admin
  2. ADVANCED: Installing a WordPress Theme With FTP (File-Transfer Protocol)


RECOMMENDED: Install theme by uploading it from WordPress Admin

  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard. Navigate to Appearance > Themes > Add New.
  2. Click on Upload Theme (
  3. Then locate your theme’s ZIP file and select to Upload.
  4. Once the upload is complete, you’ll be able to activate your theme.
  5. After activation, your will be redirected automatically to devnode theme dashboard
  6. Click on the orange button to install necessary plugins, the following plugins are essential for the theme to function properly: Kirki & Envato Market
    1. Kirki is the options framework that devnode use to provide its amazing options.
    2. Envato Market is a plugin to ensure receiving latest theme updates automatically.
    3. MNMLD Themes: A lightweight plugin that extends theme with additional features. Highly recommended to be installed. 
    4. One Click Demo Import: Install only if you are willing to import theme demo. If you are planning to start customizing your theme from scratch then no need to install.
  7. Configure Envato Market: Add your envato market token for verification and to receive theme future updates.
  8. Make sure that the status in devnode's dashboard page is indicating in green All Good.Hopping Smoothly!. This means that everything is configured correctly.

Advanced Installation Method

While the following installations is valid to follow, but we don't recommend following these methods unless you are familiar with FTP and its related clients.

Please follow the video below.

Step 3 - (optional) Import demos

if you are willing to import a specific demo, read this article.

Step 4 - Customizing Settings

You can start customizing your theme settings right away by clicking on of the following:

2. Devnode - Changelog

1.0.0 - 05/02/2023

3. Activate Dark Mode

devnode WordPress theme comes with built-in darkmode theme that works across all pages.

To enable/disable darkmode option in devnode theme, Follow the following steps:

  1. From Admin Dashboard, click on Devnode -> Theme Options
  2. Click on General Settings Panel 

  3. Scroll down to Dark Mode Section and click on the switch button.

  4. Dark mode button should be be visible in the preview (requires refresh to be completely functional in the preview pane).

  5. Click Publish to save changes.

Dark Mode Logo

If your website logo does not appear properly on darker backgrounds, you can upload a logo dedicated to dark mode only. 

  1. Click on Select file rectangle
  2. Upload the dark mode version of your logo

  3. Click Publish to save changes.

4. Theme Demos: How to import pre-built websites?

Devnode comes with number of pre-built websites (demos) in order to import and publish your site in minutes.

Devnode provides two types of imports:

  1. Only demo visual styles and settings
  2. Demo Content + visual styles and settings

By default, devnode will import settings and visual styles only. If you want to import the demo as it is in our website, you will have to do the following:

To import the demo of your choice, Kindly follow the steps:

  1. From side menu, click on devnode

  2. Check One Click Demo import card, it should be active, if not, click on INSTALL
  3. Follow install & activation steps
  4. Now you will find a new menu link Theme Demos visible 
  5. Click on Theme Demos and select the demo of your choice. Click on Import Demo

  6. Click on Continue & Import
  7. Now wait for the demo to be completely imported.
  8. To start customizing your website, click on Devnode -> Theme Options or Appearance -> Customize

Tip: Imported demos includes dummy posts, demo settings and widgets but it does not include sample pages. To import sample pages, check this article.

5. Speed & Performance Optimization

devnode theme is a performance-first theme which means that speed and performance is a priority.

By following best coding and design practices, devnode provides a blazing fast performance while being lightweight, optimized and no bloat code.

devnode works out-of-the-box, which means it does not need extra configurations or plugins to become fast. 

However, Wordpress themes in general are not solely responsible for website speed and performance. 

There are multiple factors in addition to the theme itself to provide consistent experience for users as well as being the best page speed, Google loves fast websites as well.

Factors That Affect Website Speed

      We DO NOT recommend using "LiteSpeed Cache" plugin as it wrongly minify CSS files and my break your website in some cases.


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